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Immediate Release

RIGHT CHOICES, INC. Has Reached the GuideStar Exchange Gold Participation Level as a Demonstration of Its Commitment to Transparency

Houston, Texas – Right Choices, Inc. today received the GuideStar Exchange Gold participation level, a leading symbol of transparency and accountability provided by GuideStar USA, Inc., the premier source of nonprofit information. This level demonstrates Right Choices, Inc.'s deep commitment to nonprofit transparency and accountability.

"We have worked hard to showcase our progress toward our mission, and our long-held belief in being transparent about our work, to our constituents," said Mike Carraway. "As a GuideStar Exchange participant, we use their platform to share a wealth of up-to-date information about our work to our supporters and GuideStar's immense online audience of nonprofits, grantmakers, individual donors, and the media."

In order to be awarded the GuideStar Exchange logo, Right Choices, Inc. had to fill out every required field of our nonprofit report page on for the Gold level of participation.

"I encourage you to check out our profile on GuideStar to see what we're all about," added Carraway. "We are engaged in exciting initiatives, and we are thrilled to have another platform for communicating our advancement and progress."

About the GuideStar Exchange

The GuideStar Exchange is an initiative designed to connect nonprofits with current and potential supporters. With millions of people coming to GuideStar to learn more about nonprofit organizations, the GuideStar Exchange allows nonprofits to share a wealth of up-to-date information with GuideStar's many audiences. Becoming a GuideStar Exchange participant is free of charge. To join, organizations need to update their report pages, completing all required fields for participation. The GuideStar Exchange level logos, acknowledged as symbols of transparency in the nonprofit sector, are displayed on all Exchange participants' nonprofit reports.

Right Choices, Inc. 
P.O. Box 331252 Houston, Texas 77233-1252
Tel: (866) 508-1556 

News Contact: Mike Carraway

Hurricane Harvey: A Call To Action

Hurricane Harvey's powerful winds and relentless rains that begun on      August 26, 2017 have devastated communities in and around Houston and has displaced many people. Right Choices was twice victimized while Hurricane Harvey made its move in and out of the Houston Area.When Hurricane Harvey began its destructive move on Houston, Texas, so did the criminal element. Right Choices Inc. a nonprofit in the past has survived Tropical Storm Allison, Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike with no property damage. Like others in the area Right Choices Inc received it’s share property damage during Hurricane Harvey. There was minimal damage to Right Choices Inc building. The nonprofit’s 2001 Astro Van and 1994 Lincoln Towncar will need repairs.

Right Choices Inc. building was looted. Thieves got away with nearly $4000.00 worth of equipment that was used for our music recording program. Things such as Apple IMac computers, studio monitors, microphones, external hard drives and Pro Tools equipment and software were taken. In 20 years of existence Right Choices Inc. has never been a victim of crime.That was the second Right Choices Inc. was victimized.

Normally this time of the year Right Choices Inc. like to help 5-10 young men in high school by purchasing their school clothing or uniforms and supplies. Right Choices Inc. was able to help two young men four days before Hurricane Harvey and by scraping up enough resources to help another young man on September 10, 2017. Right Choices Inc. is a small organization with very limited resources but has managed to remain in existence for 20 years with an all non-paid volunteer staff, small money donations and in-kind gift donations. These two incidents have knocked Right Choices Inc. to it’s very core, the hope is that Right Choices Inc. will survive.

Right Choices Inc. carried only liability insurance on the two vehicles because of their age. There was no insurance on the building or its contents. There were surveillance cameras but they were out due to electrical outages in the area. A report was made with the Houston Police Department in hopes of the property being recovered, but that is very highly unlikely. These two incidents are an extreme hard hit to Right Choices Inc. and recovering and rebuilding will be difficult.

This is a call to action to all, Right Choices Inc. needs your help if is to survive and continue to serve its’ customers. A fundraising campaign to raise $20000.00 has begun. The money raised would be used to make the necessary repairs to the building, replace the equipment that was taken, repair the organization’s vehicles and upgrade the security system. Since, Hurricane Harvey there have been scams and more will surface after Hurricane Irma does it dirty deeds, but be assured Right Choices very transparent about its fundraising campaign.  You can learn more about Right Choices Inc. at and/or its website

Will you become a partner in the Right Choices Inc. fundraising campaign to help it reach its goal of $20000.00?

Small Non-Profits Need Business Credit Too

With a growing number of new non-profits that are being established these days, the donations are getting difficult to receive. Since there is a smaller pool of donations, non-profits are faced with the hard reality of finding creative ways to work their cash flow. Right Choices, Inc. is no exception.

In the past Right Choices, Inc. was always a pay cash as you go organization. Request for services from the public has gone and is going up. Right Choices, Inc. is finding creative ways to manage its cash flow. We are trying to do more with less to help those we so proudly serve.

As part of our plan to deal with cash flow issues, Right Choices, Inc. like others has turned to credit. Everyone who runs a small non-profit know how difficult it is for a non-profit to get business credit. Well, Right Choices, Inc. has succeeded in doing so.

Right Choices, Inc. would like to thank the following who have helped us in this endeavor, so that we may continue our mission in an effective way. We affectionately called them our partners. They are listed as follows:

  • Capital One Spark
  • Walmart (Community Card)
  • Shell Fleet
  • Amazon Corporate
  • ExxonMobil Business
  • Staples
  • Sunoco
  • Office Depot
  • ChevronTexaco
  • Newegg Business
Partners, Thank You for your support.


     Camera Donation

Right Choices, Inc. received a camera donation. The donor wishes to remain anonymous. The gift consists of seven used Sony and Panasonic professional grade video cameras and equipment. The donation is valued at $18000.00. This donation will help our very popular Photography/Videography program serve many more young people.


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